You love drawing and you would like to learn sketchnotes? Then you are exactly right here. You don’t like drawing? Then you are still here in the right place. Anyone can draw!

Sketchnotes is about ideas – not art (Mike Rohde)

Anyone can draw, as sketchnotes is not just doodles. It’s so much more than that!


In this course I show you step by step how you can put your

creativity into everyday life and I show you some skills in order to do some nice creative projects.

For parents

In this course, your child will not only learn to draw or doodle, but also how to implement small creative projects and how to use sketchnotes in everyday school life as well as self-organization. By the way: this course is not only for kids. I’m sure adults also will have a lot of fun and get great input out of all lectures. Also interesting for teachers I guess !

Creativity meets functionality that is not only worthwhile for the children.

After the course you / your child will be able to use sketchnotes, have a lot of fun as well as be able to work with sketchnotes.


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Course content

  1. Introduction
  2. Sketchnotes Alphabet
  3. Containers and banners
  4. Arrows and lines
  5. Stick figures
  6. Handwriting
  7. Visual Library
  8. Excursus Bullet Journal
  9. BONUS

* Workbook (additonal information and templates)

The course duration is approximately 130 minutes and includes a 42-page workbook.

Various designs are also available for download as templates.

The course is ideal for children from the 5th grade, but younger children will also have fun here.

Now for € 45,-

You can do the course as often as you like and in your own pace.